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Album of the Nowish
Actually, posting that title, I'm tempted to say that the Album of the Nowish is an Album by the Notwist, just for the alliteration, but that'd be a filthy, disgusting lie. (not that the Notwist aren't bad, just not...wist? bah, can't think of a suitable pun.)
Actually, Neon Golden is fantastic, go listen.

Anyhow, I've somehow digressed from a largely topicless post, so go me, but back onto the Nowish:
You are all hereby ordered to ascertain (I can help, so can Mininova) a copy of Skeletal Lamping, by the ever-interesting Of Montreal.

Imagine...if Syd Barret was into indie-glam rock, it's pretty awesome, the album switches between dark, when written and performed by main singer Kevin Barnes, to songs about frolicing naked through a field of daisies, and possibly having an orgy afterwards written by Georgie Fruits, the main singer's alter-ego when he's not on his meds, who believes he's a black transvestite (despite Kevin being a white man).

And no, I didn't make that up, Of Montreal are an interesting band ^_^
Also I had Nubile Miscreants stuck in my head all day, which has been a little irritating, but at least it's a decent song :D

Oh, and in close second is In a Safe Place, by The Album Leaf.
Think...Sigur Ros only less northern-european tundra epicnesses, and more pre-roman gaelic england epicnesses, I personally am very fond of the first track, Windows, it's quite pleasant ^_^

Anyhow, I apologise for practically only talking about music, but that seems to be the majority of what I do nowadays apart from homework and too much DS...

Besides, I'm introducing you to interesting new bands :D

Enjoy ^_^

Also, damn, that took me ages to figure our how to put them songs there...
Still, now I know ^_^
Although I probably should've looked it up rather than trial and error...


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