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Not Dead Yet!
*cleans out spiderwebs and dust*


I'm not dead yet! I'm back to the magical land of Livejournal! wooh : D

At any rate, while I should probably be doing homework, I figure it's far more productive to be here, informing you raptly-attentive readers of the daily ins and outs of my life (read: I'm procrastinating).

Oh, and I found a useful new site recently (well, I was linked to it by Hodder), a music database with a heap of links to albums songs that are hard to find ^_^
I even got some Deerhoof albums and another Red Paintings EP : D
Also, 65daysofstatic would make excellent rave music, I'll stick some in the post later on.

Also, I have no idea where to go with that Hexrpg rpg, are we going to try to flesh it out into some kind of story (in which case we'll need an antagonist) or are we just going to make it random stuffsicles?

Tobias keeps almost dying, I need to remember to feed him more often... : (

Oh, and I'm going to steal an idea off the QC forum for a game: I'm going to post a sentence or word, that'll relate to a band, and see if you can guess it, then you or I can post moar ^_^
eg: Hotwork - Coldplay

So, Desert Apes?

oh, and rave muzak!
65Daysofstatic - Dance Parties (Distant)


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